Jeremiah Johnson planted and is the apostolic overseer of Heart of the Father Ministry, a multi campus church in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL. He also travels extensively throughout the USA and world as a gifted teacher and prophetic voice at churches and conferences. Jeremiah carries a specific mandate to bring holiness and consecration back into the church and see true revival break out.

Jeremiah is a Best Selling Author whose books and resources are available online and in bookstores around the world. He is also the TV Host of “The Watchman’s Corner” which airs every week on PTL Network, Son Broadcasting Network, and all social media platforms.

Jeremiah is the founder and director of Maranatha School of Ministry, a full-time two-year five-fold ministry training center that equips and sends out end-time messengers. He and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their four children.

A Detailed Timeline of Jeremiah's time in Ministry:

1. Heart of the Father Ministry

Jeremiah planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL in 2010. He planted a second campus in Winter Haven, FL in 2018. Jeremiah currently oversees both of these campuses and is weekly involved with the eldership teams, saints, and preaching rotations. These are people that he absolutely loves, serves, and honors with his life. There are full time staff members, elders, deacons, and thriving communities of believers. The website is

2. Jeremiah Johnson Ministries

In 2012, Jeremiah had an encounter in my church office where God said, “I am sending you”. A national and international itinerant ministry was birthed that has now taken him to more than 40 states and 25 nations around the world. The ministry receives more than 400 invitations a year for speaking engagements. JJM is a separate ministry organization with a separate office and staff that’s completely separate from Heart of the Father Ministry. The website is:

3. Maranatha School of Ministry

In January 2019, MSM opened its doors in Lakeland, FL to students from 18-75 years old from all over the nation. Maranatha School of Ministry is a full time, two year, five fold school of ministry with a separate faculty, classrooms, and chapel that’s separate from Heart of the Father Ministry or Jeremiah Johnson Ministries. Jeremiah currently oversees MSM and teaches in the ministry school Monday-Friday. The website is: