God has called Jeremiah to release a message of encountering Jesus in an experiential way to this generation. More than singing songs and quoting Scriptures, God is looking for a people who are passionately in love with him and have the fire of intimacy burning bright within their own hearts. Jeremiah’s desire is to help upgrade and enhance people’s encounter with Jesus through impartation, activation, and rooting and grounding this generation in the knowledge of God.


Equipping a prophetic generation is at the heart and center of the mandate God has given Jeremiah. Rather than just prophesy, Jeremiah carries a passion to help believers learn how to prophesy and grow in the gifts God has given them. Through Jeremiah’s prophetic school and other resources, he practically gives wisdom and revelation to help saints grow in prophetic maturity.


As a church leader, Jeremiah loves to come alongside other church leaders where He is ministering and encourage them through prophetic ministry and casting a prophetic vision for where he sees God taking their church and ministry. Jeremiah typically meets with the leadership teams of the churches were he ministers and spends a session pouring into them and strengthening the foundation of where God is taking them.