Your Destiny; His Calling / Digital Download


We are witnessing a mass production of parrots, echoes, and mimics in the body of Christ. Many have forfeited authenticity and originality for formulas and models-even in the supernatural. The masses have chosen to worship men and their giftings, rather than the person of Jesus Christ.

To the surprise of many, the fuel behind this rapid growing movement is the spirit of jealousy cloaked in a desire for “spiritual gifts.” We all have to ask ourselves at some point: Is this a gift that I have been given or am I pursuing this because I’m just jealous that someone is moving in a gifting that I do not possess?

It’s time to stop focusing on the giftings and call of God on other people’s lives and begin to discover our own unique divine design granted by the Father alone. The first step toward this beautiful process is dealing with the jealousy that is hiding deep within our hearts.

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MP3 1 – Jealousy: The Enemy of Destiny

MP3 2 – Freedom from Jealousy: Accepting Our Calling


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