Trump, 2019, and Beyond / Book

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5 reviews for Trump, 2019, and Beyond / Book

  1. Carolyn Shugart

    Received this in the mail yesterday and read it within two hours. Very timely message to let us see God’s heart in the troubling times. Must read for all Christians.

  2. Pastor Rick Lautzeheiser

    This book is an excellent call for believers to “Go Active” in the Spirit of Kingdom values for a world which needs us to show up with Kingdom wisdom. Very credible call to the church. Thank you Jeremiah Johnson. You just got my attention and support.

  3. Nanci Heath

    Most profound book I’ve read in years!!

  4. Liz W.

    I couldn’t read the book fast enough! I plan to order more copies to give away to others because I think the words from the Lord are critical for people to know now. Thank you for sharing these prophesies, Jeremiah. I believe the Church needs to hear them asap, I know I needed to. I confess I’ve been complacent myself and needed the wake up call. I sense an urgency from the Holy Spirit to take this seriously and to get moving NOW in prayer and fasting for our president and nation.

  5. Karen Prawer

    Are you a person of prayer? A watchmen on the wall? Then this is a MUST read book. We are in a time in history where our prayers and intercession will change history. Whoever has ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

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