The Gospel of Grace / Digital Download


Many believers in the body of Christ are currently bound in strongholds, cycles of sin, and various addictions simply because they have never been taught a biblical perspective of what actually happens at salvation.

Conversion means death, not just a decision for Jesus, but death with Jesus. One great problem in the church today is that we do not grasp the magnitude, depth, wonder, and miracle of what happens in genuine conversion to Christ. Therefore, we do not know how to live, work, and fight for the freedom and deliverance that has been granted to us through the blood of Jesus.

This series is jammed packed with the biblical truth from Romans 6 and seeks to challenge the belief that a person can continually and habitually life in sin and call themselves a Christian. If you are ready for change, start listening now!


MP3 1 – Dude You’re Dead

MP3 2 – Get Right in the Head


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