Leading with Authority through Intimacy / Digital Download


The American church is crippled because leaders are given keys of authority who spend little to no time with God. The key to spiritual authority is discovered through this simple principle: intimacy. Without this primary principle, there will always be a lack of individual and corporate fruit.

Through scriptural references in Samuel and a look into the life of David, Jeremiah Johnson shares his personal journey where he learns the importance to not just minister for the Lord, but to minister to the Lord. This eternal blueprint is through attaining the high call of cultivating a private life, a private life that is essential for five-fold ministry leaders. Leaders and believers both, must be captivated more by His presence than their platform.

In this study, Jeremiah reveals that your identity is a son or daughter to the Father, not your five-fold ministry function. Without this principle, leaders will only be orphans running orphanages called churches.


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