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The Bible promises that judgment begins in the house of God.  Many people avoid this intense passage in fear of the word “judgment.” As New Covenant believers, we can take comfort that this judgment brings life through a healthy fear of the Lord.  Instead of warnings of hellfire and condemnation, this judgment brings a cleansing that will set the stage for the greatest outpouring of glory, prophetic thunder, and supernatural power the world has ever seen.

Birthed through an angelic visitation, Judgment on the House of God includes revelatory insights on:

  • The Sons of Zadok—how to become one who “ministers before the Lord.”
  • Exposing ministry addiction—the spiritual “high” of the day.
  • The Spirit of perversion—confronting this demonic stronghold that’s taking out leaders.
  • New Covenant Judgment—what it looks like and how you can tell it’s happening.
  • Addressing the Sins of Eli—exposing compromise, impurity and spiritual mixture.
  • The Spirit and Power of Elijah—the emergence of firebrands and prophetic messengers.

A great and wonderful outpouring is coming.  Now is the time to set things in order so that you can be a pure vessel that the power and presence of God can flow through!

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“In every generation God raises up prophetic voices that will speak to His people with an uncompromising boldness. I believe Jeremiah Johnson is one of the clearest and strongest in our generation. In an era defined by political correctness and tongue tied church leaders, Jeremiah’s writings are a breath of fresh air – raw truth and from a burning heart.

In his newest book – “Judgement on the House of God” – the cutting edge that characterizes his ministry has never been sharper. I highly recommend Jeremiah Johnson, his ministry and this book.”

-Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
President/CEO Christ for all Nations

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