Trump and the Future of America / Book


In this extraordinary sequel to his best selling book,  “Trump, 2019, and Beyond”, Jeremiah Johnson details his shocking encounter at the White House and what God revealed to him through numerous revelatory dreams and visions concerning the years ahead.

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In Trump and the Future of America, you will discover what God is saying regarding:

  • Three Principalities Dominating America

  • The Mystery of Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump

  • The Next Civil War

  • Kanye West and the Entertainment Mountain Revival

  • The Winner of the 2020 Election

  • A Prophetic Word to Baby Boomers

Whether you are an intercessor, watchman, Christian leader, or politician, this book will provide a very clear and accurate vision of where the United States of America is heading. The future belongs to the Baby Boomers and the need for a praying Church has never been greater.

“Jeremiah Johnson has released key prophetic insights that will not only reduce the danger of the future but allow the body of Christ to thrive in dark times.” -Mario Murillo

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