Discipline: The Love of Our Heavenly Father Revealed / Digital Download



The Father is positioning the bride of Christ in this hour to a place where she receives His discipline and correction without interpreting it as rejection. The orphan spirit is alive and active in the church attempting to prohibit believers from receiving chastisement as the love of the Father.

It was Susanna Wesley who said, “The parent who studies to subdue the self-will of their child works together with God in the renewing and saving of their soul. The parent who indulges the self-will of their child does the devil’s work, makes religion impossible, salvation unattainable, and does all that they can do to damn their child to Hell.”

The same loving Father who hugs and kisses us as His Children is the same loving Father who disciplines us. It’s time for sons and daughters of the Father to rise up in the earth who will not take lightly His discipline and wholeheartedly embrace it for their lives.

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MP3 1 – The Diligent Discipline of our Loving Father

MP3 2 – In Christ: Living to Please the Father