Apostolic Christianity / Audio Download


Apostolic Christianity is the Christianity of the apostles and first century Church. It is the revelation of the biblical model of Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone, Biblical Eldership, and the Five Fold Ministry. Returning to this original blueprint as found in Scripture is actually the “New Wineskin” that will hold the new wine God is about to pour out in the earth. God will not fill what He has not formed. We are about to witness the training, equipping, and releasing of the saints like never before.

Are you tired of church and business as usual? Do you feel God had more in mind than a one man model of ministry? Then you’re going to love this teaching series by Jeremiah Johnson! Purchase your copy today and gain a more biblical understanding of Apostolic Christianity!


Session 1: Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone

Sessions 2: Five-Fold Ministry & Biblical Eldership

Session 3: The New Wineskin


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