July 16th, 2020 

In my dream last night, I saw a large Trojan horse placed in the middle of America. Historically,  the Greeks used a massive, horse-shaped wooden structure to infiltrate the city of Troy. It was disguised as a gift, but inside hid warriors who attacked and overtook the city. In my dream, the Lord showed me that this Trojan horse had infiltrated America. On the side of the horse was the word, “COVID-19”. 

There are three things that God revealed to me through the dream: 

  1. The first thing the Lord revealed to me was a stigma. A stigma can be defined as a mark of disgrace. The enemy is at work against Americans and believers who have already contracted COVID-19. Satan, the enemy of our souls, is trying to silence believers using this stigma. This stigma is being used as an instrument to  attack people who have recovered from the Corona-virus. This is silencing many of them through shame, guilt, and condemnation. The goal through fear is to make them afraid to share their experience with COVID-19. Not only that, but believers who have always trusted the Lord with healing are being hurt in their faith. I want to encourage you. God still heals and moves in the supernatural! God is still good! Do not allow the enemy to gain a foothold in your faith!
  1. The second thing the Lord revealed to me in my dream was a massive mask that emerged from the horse. Mass pandemonium and fighting began breaking out over the mask. Masks are causing demonic division and strife in this nation. The accuser of the brethren is bringing demonic activity to the church over a piece of paper!!! COVID-19 is a decoy! We are wasting our breath over a distraction when we should be speaking out concerning matters such as abortion, sex trafficking, pedophilia and systematic racism. There is a MASSIVE exposure happening in this hour and we are missing it! The battle we face is far more than the Corona-virus. Many have taken the bait of Satan, becoming obsessed with this one issue, and this is wreaking havoc in the church.
  1. In my dream, Spirits of fear, hate and greed also began coming out of the horse.

Saints, I am calling for vigilance. Church, we must operate with wisdom in this hour. We need to be aware of the Enemy’s plot to ensnare the Bride. We are being distracted from what God wants to draw our attention towards. DO NOT GET DISTRACTED OR CONFUSED! Now is the time to raise our voice over the issues of our day! 

*Disclaimer: I am by no means stating that the Corona-virus is a gift. The point is that it is a decoy and distraction.

Jeremiah Johnson 

Jeremiah Johnson

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