As “Tiz the Law” won an empty Belmont stakes today, trained by 82 year old Barclay Tagg, the Spirit of God immediately revealed several mysteries to me: 

  1. “Tiz the Law” is a prophetic declaration over America. In other words, we will continue to see the laws upheld in America and this will come at a heavy cost. Lawlessness and rebellion are manifesting in America right now but will not win the victory in the near future. Do not fear the rioting and looting for justice will be served. 
  1. The trainer of “Tiz the Law”, 82 year old Barclay Tagg represents the older generations who will vote and believe in law and order. This demographic (Baby Boomers and older) still hold the keys to not only Trump’s re-election but the preservation of American heritage.
  1. The jockey of the horse, 25 year old Manny Franco won his first career Belmont Stakes. He represents the younger generations who God is going to teach his laws to. We must not lose hope that all young people are being given over to a spirit of lawlessness and anarchy. Many millienals and gen-Xers will be raised up as dread champions in the years ahead. 

Bonus: “Tiz the Law” is the first New York-bred horse to win the Belmont since Forester in 1882. In 1882, Thomas Edison flipped the switch to the first commercial electrical power plant in the United States, lighting one square mile of lower Manhattan. This is considered by many as the day that begins the electrical age. In 2020, now God is flipping the light on in New York and exposing darkness at an unprecendented level. 

Keep your eyes on Jesus,

Jeremiah Johnson 


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