Canada: A Nation Ripe for Revival

 God says, “There is a young people movement coming out of Canada. I have heard the cries for revival and awakening and I’m releasing the fellowship of the burning hearts. Grassroots revival communities will begin to flourish in 2018. There are mighty outpourings of My Spirit coming. I am doing away with an old religious wineskin in Canada and will pour out new wine into gatherings of believers who embrace family and the moving of My Spirit. My apostles and prophets will gather in Canada in the days ahead and form an alliance together to see sustained revival and reformation in the land.

I say to you, “Beware of the Islamic agenda that will continue to increase on a governmental level in Canada. The government in Canada will cry out ‘Peace, Peace when there is no peace’. Trudeau has come to bring a peace offering to the nations when I have called him as a man of war. There is a warrior inside of Trudeau and I desire to put strong conviction in him. Heavy intercession and a great birthing of worship will come forth out of Canada in response to the liberal agenda rising in the Government. Thousands of Muslims will be converted in Canada. New sounds of worship and prophetic intercession will come forth in 2018. I’m doing a new thing in the midst of the coming storms. Hold on My people says God for days of great shaking are coming to Canada. Great glory upon My Church and great crisis upon the nation. Keep your eyes on the news!” says God

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In His Service,

Jeremiah Johnson

January 21, 2018

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