South Africa And Australia: The Pure Ones

 God says, “In 2018, I am releasing a prophetic reformation in South Africa and Australia. I’m calling forth My pure one’s even now, those who have not been defiled by the craving for fame and fortune. There is a firebrand generation in South Africa and Australia that I have reserved for such a time as this. They are the seven thousand that have not bowed their knees to Baal. There is much Baal worship taking place in South Africa and Australia. Men and women worshipping themselves and the gifting that I have given them. Many large churches building their own kingdoms and claiming to do it in My name. There is a sleeping and slumbering spirit spreading in South Africa and Australia. My pure ones the prophets are about to sound the alarm and call My Bride to awake and make herself ready.

 I say to some of you, “You are not to leave South Africa and Australia for the United States. You are to stay in the place you were born in and dig the pure wells I have called you to dig. The desire to move to America has become a source of selfish ambition and carnal desires. I say to some of you in South Africa and Australia, “Stay home! My plans and purposes will be manifested in the days ahead and you must not grow weary now. I’m raising up companies of prophets, My pure One’s who will give My word without the fear of man. Do not grow discouraged because of the seeker friendly spirit that has overtaken the body in South Africa and Australia.

 There is a coming divine connection between South Africa and Australia in the days ahead. Look for My pure ones, the prophets to rise and give language to the ache and cry of the South African’s and Australian’s. A revival of holiness is coming. The true gospel of My Son Jesus will be preached in the days ahead. A strong and mighty remnant will lift up a cry for the return of My Son in South Africa and Australia. The forerunner messengers are coming. They are those gripped with the oil of intimacy and the urgency of the hour. Now is the time” says God.

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In His Service,

Jeremiah Johnson

January 21, 2018






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  • Apostle Makwela says:

    Thank you for hearing the voice of God. I’m a south African pastor we at our church have been crying for this for 3 years now. I believe its time for manifestation.

  • DK says:

    Amen! I can confirm that there have been other prophets that have prophecied about a prophetic reformation in South Africa. As a prophet in training in South Africa, I hope to be counted in that number.

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