2018: The Hispanic Awakening

God began to show me the convergence of large gatherings of hispanics and latinos in 2018. I heard God say, “When the cries of the prisoners reach the ears of the deliverers, revival breaks out! I am setting the Hispanic and Latino prisoners free in 2018. I have seen and heard the cry of those who are in religious┬ábondage and I will bring great deliverance this year! Look for the Hispanic and Latino Gideon’s to arise! These are men and women who I have encountered and revealed a warrior identity to. Though they be from humble beginnings, I will anoint them with My Spirit to tear down the Baal idols even in their father’s home. I am freeing My Hispanic and Latino sons and daughters from the┬áreligious bondage and control that has been suffocating and oppressing them for years. My Gideon’s will rise and bring great deliverance and freedom to the captives who sit in church every Sunday. A revelation of My deliverance, My grace, and My Fatherhood will be extended to My Hispanic and Latino people in 2018.”

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In His Service,

Jeremiah Johnson

January 21, 2018

Sarah Coker

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