2018: Here Come the Baby Boomers

God showed me that there are many men and women in the body of Christ right now born between 1946-1964 that have been “overlooked”. In 2018, God is going to begin to promote and grant favor to men and women in the body of Christ who have been overlooked and reward them for their faithfulness and courage even when they have suffered disappointment and rejection on many occasions. I heard God say, “Great wisdom is missing in My body.” I said, “Where is it Lord?” He said, “It’s with the baby boomers who have been overlooked, but now they will be revealed carrying great wisdom to My body for such a time as this!

If you were born between 1946-1964, God says, “This is your year! Do not continue to feel sorry for yourself or believe that I have left you on the sidelines. I say to you this year, it is time to get off the bench and get in the game. The young generations are in great need of the wisdom you carry, wisdom that has come at times from your own failures and mistakes. Nonetheless, you have much to offer and if you are willing and available, I will cause a vibrancy and fresh wind of My Spirit to come upon you and enable you to fulfill My will in and around you, says God. Some of you have even had some measures of success in your younger years, but have fallen prey to discouragement over the last ten years. I will strengthen you” says your God. “I will cause you to rise to the occasion and fulfill the assignments I am about to release to you this year. Be encouraged and of good cheer. I will fight for you and win your heart over to me like never before. This is your year says God! Books are still yet to be written, young people are still yet to be led. Projects must be completed. Some of you will even marry. You will not be defined by your divorce. Do not become discouraged! I’m with you and for you!”

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In His Service,

Jeremiah Johnson

January 21, 2018

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